Pico Goblin and Sketchfab

(Rjh41) #1

I wonder if someone could answer a question for me.
Would the Pico Goblin HMD work with Sketchfab VR?
this is the link to Pico Goblin below:


(Bart) #2

We don't have access to this device, so we haven't tested it. If it supports WebVR, it should be good to go! Are you considering getting one?

(Rjh41) #3

Thanks, Bart.
I will probably hold out for a Vive /Oculus standalone only because of the worry about compatibility and access to games, apps and VR websites such as Sketchfab, Sansar etc.

(Bart) #4

Good idea :slight_smile: They're both on sale now, so it's a good moment to buy!

(Lettucehead) #5

hey bart

just wondering why in the world you don’t “have access” to a 250 dollar headset that is good, has been on the market since june of this year, and would be a benefit to the community to know whether the heck it works

i am wondering what community you might be referring to other than the community that uses devices that are available on the market, sketchfab is a giant in this arena, please understand that this is a request not a criticism

(Bart) #6

We just don’t have all the hardware in the world ¯_(ツ)_/¯