Picture is oddly stretched [Oculus Rift CV1]


I installed the WebXR and can watch a model through SteamVR using Chrome, but the picture is all stretched. Everything at the bottom gets squished and top gets stretched, like the barrel lens effect isn’t corrently positioned. I belive the issue is that I can’t set SteamVR for WebXR through Chrome’s flags for some reason. There’s options for OpenXR and Windows Mixed Reality. This similar issue happens with Blender’s VR mode and I have no idea why this is happening. VR games on Steam do work and look proper.

EDIT: Chrome Canary seemed to fix this issue, but now my issue is that my controller is backwards, lol. The teleport beam points at my shoulder when I hold the controller in my hand. Weird.

I now have the same problem as Hasuak. I had the VR working brilliant on Firefox up until this year and now it’s out of proportion. Tried the flags thing with WebXR, etc. but nothing changed. Also downloaded and installed Steam but don’t know if it’s on or not?

Where am I going wrong or can I divert back to previous Firefox?




Make sure to have latest oculus & steam VR runtime.
Firefox might need openvr flags to be on too in about:config.