Pinocchio 2016 Experiment [DONE]


(Id13) #1


This is old story about Old Man and Piece of Wood where wood was liven up.
In my story this is birch. Electrisity and birch juice was used.

Draft 2D-sketch

(Bart) #2

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(Id13) #3

WIP Modeling

(Id13) #4

First Character details

(Id13) #5

First environment details. Add Electrisity source. Little enlarge "body"

(Shaderbytes) #6

Great starting concept , Im wondering if you are considering adding more in the scene? Maybe justa few small other props to embellish the center piece :wink:

(Id13) #7

Yes, of course! ) It's a lab. Lab equipment is required ))

(Id13) #8

I think Modeling is finished ) Some additional details was added.

(Id13) #9

With UV ans baked AO

(Rommalart) #10

Hey o/
I just see right now that I choose the same theme for this contest, Pinocchio ^^
But we have not the same story behind! So I'm going to check your progress because it's look nice :smiley:

(Id13) #11

Re-upload model and textures. Bake NM. Texturing started...

(Id13) #12

Texturing WIP

(Id13) #13

to be continue... ))

(Id13) #15

Done. Enjoy! ))

Pinocio 2016 WIP by id13 on Sketchfab

(Bart) #16

Brilliant work! But don't forget to tag it with #mad-science-2016 :slight_smile:

(Rommalart) #17

Nice ideas and nice work man! :slight_smile:

(Catilaporte) #18