Pirates of the Caribbean 3 | dead in boats scene


(Tm Greed) #1

I'll do the scene that dead people navigate in small boats around the Jack's ship in Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End. I hope can finish :smiley:

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(Tm Greed) #3

Black Pearl is pretty hard x.x
but I will continue with the base models and try to detail slightly


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Love the WIPs! This will definitely be an engaging scene.

(Tm Greed) #5

Thank You :smiley:

I made the boats to see how the scene would be, had problems with faces and materials when sending to Sketchfab but I'm trying to fix them. Some images of how they are

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(Tm Greed) #7

Is getting better than I expected xD

(Tm Greed) #8

Now it has guns, rudder, buckets and barrels
There are still three big and important parts to finish the scene

(Tm Greed) #9

Now the ocean has "movement", I'm getting very close to the expected result :slight_smile:

(Tm Greed) #10

The first dead man, others will be very similar because I'm running out of time xD

(Tm Greed) #11

I will try to add a fog in the scene later

(Tm Greed) #12

I created a starry sky to complete the scene


Finally, the scene is finished :slight_smile:

I enjoyed to have participated, I liked even more the final result and believe the sky made all the difference

for a better experience, if you are not viewing in VR, set the player to First Person mode

and a last image of my dead captain haha