Pivot point lock


(Lpdenmark) #1


Could it be a future option to be able to lock the pivot point of a model?

I want to make sure that when a person view a model he won´t be able
to change a models pivotpoint by right-clicking and drag.

If it´s already possible I may have overlooked the function :flushed:

Best regards


Hi Normark,

It's not possible at the moment, but we receive a lot of requests for camera locks, axis restrictions, etc.
Could you please give me some more details on the use-case and/or an example model?

I'll add your '+1' to this feature request :smile:


(Klaasnienhuis) #3

I'd also be interested in this. Camera restrictions, or more positively camera guidance, are interesting in ecommerce for instance. It avoids users getting lost in a model. This tends to happen when a user can pan and orbit the model. It's possible the user pans an object completely out of view.

It's also very practical with the graphic design of the website the iframe will be placed in. Currently a user can pan the model in such a way it touches or overlaps the edges of the iframe. This behavior is not always easy to integrate in a good graphic design.

Finally, in some cases we just want to show the product from specific camera angles, but not others. Or we only want to show the upper hemisphere of a product. Disabling camera movement or limiting it to certain angles makes sense in those cases.

(Lpdenmark) #4


My qustion is more basic than camera restrictions. My problem is that if a person is watching one of my models, and rightclick and hold the mouse button down when dragging, he can put the pivot point
of the center of the model, this gives a very wierd behavior.

here is a model with correct pivot: https://skfb.ly/KGzv

and the same upload when the pivot has been thanged in the viewer: https://skfb.ly/KGzx

I wonder why a viewer is able to change the pivot.

best regards

(Stephomi) #5

To be sure, by "fixed pivot point" do you mean something like http://stephaneginier.com/sculptgl (alt or middle Mouse to pan) ?

Every camera systems have pros and cons.
The keypoint in sketchfab is to know the "double click", if you double click on the surface then it will change the pivot point.

Fixed pivot can be disorientated too.
If you want to rotate around a part of the model far from the center, then it wouldn't work, except if you let the user change the pivot point by "double click" but I find it less intuitive than the "pivot always in front of the camera" system.

(Lpdenmark) #6

Ah ok, I thought you were speaking about the rotation pivot.
But you just want to prevent the panning of the camera, (so same request as @klaasnienhuis)

Currently you can't do that as @james stated, but we are thinking about it.

(Cs Chris) #7

Hi Everyone,

Reviving an old post, but I need the exact same thing - locking the rotation axis to the model (and possibly locking that to the screen center) as what @stephomi linked to here:

For same reasons @klaasnienhuis and @lpdenmark mentioned earlier.

Is this now possible in Sketchfab? I could not find the settings anywhere yet.

Otherwise well impressed with Sketchfab. And support has been very good.


(Richardkarlgregg) #8

Also looking for the ability to assign the pivot point centre :slight_smile:


Just double click anywhere on the model to set the pivot point there.

(Jurisgraphix Com) #10

yes! Need to add this one to the feature list, as well as the ability to selectively block the zoom so you don't zoom through the model!


We're actively working on a camera restriction feature.


We just launched a Camera Limits feature! I hope it's useful for you.