Pixel art texture looks weird and low quality in preview


(Damien Hazard) #1

Hi there, I recently uploaded 2 Low-poly models with pixelart textures, and I noticed that the texture on one of the models(reactor model) seemed very low quality, smudged and discolored.
Everything looks fine in the 3d editor, but as soon as I save, the texture quality decreases.

The other model looks fine, both models use a 128x128 texture, but only 1 looks like its discolored and smudged. I've embedded the models and linked an image to show the issue.

I'm using Google chrome as my browser,but I also tried firefox.
one of my friends viewed it and showed me that everything was fine on his side, but he was also using chrome.

Broken texture:

[removed embedd since it looked fine to some people]

Broken texture in preview: http://prntscr.com/8r8gy6

How it's supposed to look: http://i.imgur.com/K83D7bo.png

here's the other model, it has a very simple texture which doesn't seem to suffer from any discoloration.

Minecraft Turbine Test by Mr.Damien_ℋazard on Sketchfab


Hey, thanks for the report. Sorry about that!

We found the problem in our image compression and should have a fix coming soon.

I'll follow up with any update.

( cc @stephomi @marc )

(Damien Hazard) #3

it has a major impact since almost all my models use pixelart textures.

(Mrchlblng) #4

Hey @damien_hazard, we've updated the compression policy for low poly/pixelart textures. We've removed chroma-subsampling to avoid altering colors.
https://sketchfab.com/models/c56ae8ab646e4e28a89042ede7b28b55 has been fixed. If you have other models that need to be fixed, you'll have to "save settings" (with at least a change in your settings and a few minutes of patience).
Let us know if you see any other issue!

(Damien Hazard) #5

Awesome, thanks a lot :smiley: