Pixel Textures blurry even though Nearest is activated

I am trying to upload a scene with pixel art textures.
However the textures come out weirdly.
You can see here how they look like on sketchfab (with nearest as filter selected)

and here how they are supposed to look like in blender

also I tried the alpha mask for transparent textures, however they seem to cut off way too much.

I was thinking maybe the textures are too small, but I saw others uploading pixel art models, so what is the issue?

First of all, this one looks great, good job!! :wink: Second it would be helpful to have a link to the model, with textureinspection enabled

Hey, thanks for the answer. My issue was that I did not use power of 2 sized textures

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The model was still in draft, so they couldn’t link to it. As a general tip, you can click on a user’s avatar here on the forum and follow the Sketchfab Profile link: