Pixelart texture downscaled and offset on model preview

(Damien Hazard) #1

Hey, I tried uploading a new model,but for some reason this one got really messed up...
The texture doesn't fit the model in the setchfab preview.

it almost looks like its been downscaled.
I've uploaded a few models before that share the same style, but they didn't have this problem,so I guess I either did something wrong or something changed.

how its supposed to look: http://prntscr.com/8zi56e
Here's what I'm experiencing:

test by Mr.Damien_ℋazard on Sketchfab


Hmm, i'm not sure. @stephomi could it be caused by the original non-power-of-2 texture?

(Damien Hazard) #3

kinda makes sense, every other model I've uploaded have a power-of-2 texture.

I didn't do power-of-2 on this one because I wanted a small and packed image.


For performance reasons, we'll never display a non power of two texture. We fallback to the closest resolution we generated. In this case 64x32. Usually this shouldn't matter, but I'm wondering if the really small size is making the difference.

Have you considered using vertex colors instead?

(Damien Hazard) #5

My models are intended for use in mods.
I usually export an OBJ and then use the PNG texture ingame.
I haven't looked into vertex painting yet.

But changing my texture to the power of 2 should be easy enough. thanks for the help.