Pixelart textures

(Crazymanuel) #1

Hi,I testing sprytiles for blender.
The texture does not work well in skechtfab, I use four colors but they come out more. I have the nearest in texture and png format.



Hmm very strange. Does it work if you upload the .blend file directly (or use our plugin)?

(Crazymanuel) #3

I will try with the blender file. Thank you.
It does not work, surely I will be doing something wrong.
I used a non-square texture to test, maybe that’s it?
I used a 512x512 texture but dont work.
Others users pixelart look good. It is the first time I do it.


Hmm ok. We automatically resize textures to squares, so it should be ok.

We’ll take another look!


Could you send me the .blend file?

(Crazymanuel) #6

Thanks, finally i think it works, It seems that in the end I have clarified. Sorry,i use a translator…