Pixellated Texture Not Displaying Correctly

It looks as though, even when I set the filtering to ‘Nearest’, the texture does not display correctly. I have even tried to increase the resolution of the texture, yet this doesn’t change the result.

Below is what the texture looks like, and what is displayed even with the correct settings applied. I can’t find anyone else with this issue as well, so I have no clue what else to try

Hmm. Can you please share the link to the model?

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Sorry for the delay, here is the link to the model:

And here is what I’m trying to get the end result to look like (when viewed in Blender 2.8):

Any other tips on getting the 3D settings for the model to appear the same as in the example image above would also be greatly appreciated!


It might be caused by the fact that you’re uploading non power of two textures such as 2000x2000 and 1500x1500. We have to resize them, so maybe some unexpected sampling is going on.

Can you try using power of two textures like 2048x2048 or 1024x1024, and then set them to Nearest (mipmap) in 3D settings?

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Thanks for this advice, after rescaling the texture for another upload which has the same problem, the texture now displays correctly:

I will start going through my other uploads and make the same changes (since they all share the same problem), but thanks again for solving this issue for me