Pla point level animations


(Leonkerpel) #1


I am testing a small animation on which i baked a deformer (bend) animation into pla, however when i upload this it's not showing the deformation, is it not supported on sketchfab?


(Waleguene) #2

Hi @leonkerpel,

Unfortunately, point level animations are not supported on Sketchfab for now, that's why you don't get your deformation.
It is not in our short term roadmap for now, maybe we will implement the support in the future if it becomes a need for users :slight_smile:
In the mean time, you could probably find a workaround using skinning ? (especially for the bend deformer)

(Leonkerpel) #3

ok, that's a pitty, I will look into skinning, notreally familiar with it yet.
But thanks for the reply!

(Koka1) #4

Hello Waleguene.

Could you please expand on workaround using skinning as most of C4D users use PLA in there work. Thank you.

Regards, K