Place annotations anywhere in 3d space

Hi all,

It may sound a little fussy but I have been asked several time by clients to solve that annotations display issue :
since annotations must be placed on the mesh surface (here I hope I’m not missing something :face_with_raised_eyebrow:), their 2d circle sprite sometimes appears slightly inside, cut / hidden by the mesh it-self, depending on the position of the camera. Nothing better than an image to understand :smile:

Ok Not ok

Can we do something to fix this ?

Better, and that’s all the point of being in the “feature request” section, can we imagine a way to place annotations anywhere in 3D space? With a gizmo for example, as can be done with lights.


You could probably bypass this issue by adding a plane mesh perpendicular on the object with a 0% opacity and placing the annotations on it.

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@FatOfTheLand How did I not think of that? So simple ! So obvious. Thus I saw this tip so many times in other models… Thanks :slight_smile:

However I still think adding such freedom in annotations placement would make the workflow easier. It can be such a pain when you have to reupload and reconfigure a model just because you forget a little annotations poly.
Anyway, next time, I won’t forget :slight_smile:

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We discussed this internally a while ago when the issue came up.

We could try to avoid cutting the annotation in half when it’s not aligned with the surface it sticks on. But for the pure plane, it would require having the normal from where the annotation was created. We don’t have this normal information stored with the annotation. It’s compelling, but more of a “nice to have” idea so far.

A widget to allow placing an annotation anywhere could be interesting.