Placing a video in the scene. Possible?

(Sabrinoor) #1

Is it possible to place a video in a scene? Like on a model of a 3d monitor.


We're experimenting with video textures ( ) and it's something we hope to implement in the future.

(Ar712f) #3

It is possible to place a video in scene on terrain or billboard see ads billboards alone road from 24th second.
And yes, James is right. It is still not video textures....

(Sabrinoor) #4

Hi Arif,

how did you placed it if the video is not a texture?
In c4d i have to define a video texture to apply it to a bilboard or something.

(Ar712f) #5

Hi Sabrinoor,

There are some options in GIS softwares to project video file on 3D model or terrain.
I did it in ArcGIS and Skyline softwares and if you need details feel free to contact me
Actually Iwould be interested if there is a way to embed video or animated GIF to 3D model.

(Dark0verseer) #6

Has this developed at all recently? I'd like to use an animated gif, slide show or some short video in a 3d scene.

(Chaitanyak) #7

yes the labs version mentioned by @james is now functioning..

the custom link file is a bit hit and miss..

(Dark0verseer) #8

I see the example is working but where can I find information on how to get this working myself?


You can find the source code for all the labs and experiments here:

(Chaitanyak) #10

note: These solutions will work on your own custom pages hosted on your server (using a sketchfab embed).
not yet on itself.