Plague Knight WIP

(Paulco) #1

Hi, this is my latest personnal work.

I though make only the helmet, but finally the whole character inspired me.
Hope you lke it.

(Draconius) #2

I’m surprised no one’s responded to this. It’s very nice work! Especially digging the costume design and color choice. The detailing on the props and clothing wrinkles is nice as well. I feel as though this piece would really benefit if you incorporated a few more narrative elements into the design. And by narrative elements I mean, what does a plague knight do? How does their job effect the way they dress, stand, act, etc.

You might, for example, add more grunge to the bottom of the tunic, as it drags heavily on the ground. Maybe use an opacity mask to add a few tatters and signs of use. I also feel the shapes wouldn’t seem so artificial as well if you made any baked shading you might have a little more prominent. This is most apparent on the belt props and spaulders. If you baked an AO map, try increasing the levels or, Re-apply it on a fill layer set to Multiply.

All in all, nice work!

(Paulco) #3

Hey Draconius

Thanks for the kind words.
I agree with all your suggestions. Most parts of this model use tiled textures ( cause i’m a bit lazy and I have not so much time ) so that’s why some details are missing. Mud on the bottom and leather parts especially.
If I had time, it will the first things I’ll do!