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Player transparency bug

(Polish Farmer) #1

Hello. I want to submit a bug with transparency.

Here it is.

sketchfab_transparency_bug by polish_farmer on Sketchfab

When You rotate object with transparency, it disappears( or become completely transparent) in some angles. Please look at settings I use to recreate the bug.

(Stephomi) #2

For now, when you use alpha blending, we sort the object (back to front) in order to blend correctly.

We sort the object but not the triangles themselves... and we use the geometry center to do that.
In your model you have a sphere and a cube... but they have they have the exact same center. So the way they are sorted and rendered is kind of undefined...

If you set the sphere as opaque it will work correctly.

(Polish Farmer) #3

Thanks for feedbak. I will check it.