Please help me to reinstate my store

Hello Everyone and Support Team, My store is suspended without warning or any notification, I can still see(view) the models but the store section is empty now, When I try to set a model for the store I am getting “Your seller account has been suspended. Your models will no longer appear in the store, Contact Support” message, I did contact support with a ticket and send e-mail to support but did not get any response yet.
At this point, I don’t know why the store is suspended because I did not receive an e-mail or notification from Sketchfab. Can you please advise what can I do to restore my store please?

Hi, sorry to hear you’ve run into a spot of trouble there, its likely you have not got a reply on account its the weekend, if you can hold tight till monday perhaps, then im sure staff can try to check what happened.

@3dia Hi - someone from the Store team will get back to you soon about this.

We’ve received a user report about the authorship of some of your models. We’ve re-sent you the notice e-mail (always check your spam folder)


Hello Redy, I have received the e-mail and replied with the requested clarification(with the explanation and side by side comparison), Can you please check our last e-mail I hope that should be sufficient to re-instate our store.

Hi Redy, we have checked our spam folders too, we received only one e-mail subjecting only one model from Sketchfab, we have responded to that mail and addressed it, however, we think our e-mails are not reaching you so I have also written on to the ticket if you can please check and confirm that you have received them. We really like to resolve this and if only one subjected item causes a problem we are ok to remove it from the store to resolve it, can you please check our recent e-mail or ticket and guide us to address and resolve the issues to re-instate our store please.

Kind Regards,

Did you solve that problem?