Please judge and rate my models geometry/topology


(Don42) #1

The end of 2017 marked my very first year of 3D modeling .

And now id seriously appreciate and am in need of constructive criticism about the Topology and Geometry of the following models :

My first ever 3D model from one year ago.. though its not really judge able since i had to triangulate it due to its N-gons


And one year later my recreation of it .. tough i didn't aimed for perfection while modeling it


My first model with pure quad topology | WARNING bad Texture maps ahead .. don't mind them:


I was once proud about the next models pure quad topology .. Face normal's looked quite flawless but i somehow messed up the pommel ( end of handle)


Yet one other example i'am pretty proud about .. tough don't mind the red glowing runes :


And at last but not least the absolutely most difficult most bizarre melee weapon i ever made .. i sadly had to fully triangulate it since i wasn't able to fix only 3 poor N-gons and a handful of triangles.


(Don42) #2

sorry ... hiding the links failed ):
ill fix that soon or later

(Shannon Symonds) #3

Hello! I had a look at the topology of your models. I'm not an expert by any means but my background is game-ready models. All in all, the topology is pretty good. There are some areas in your models where I think the poly count is a little too dense as it doesn't add anything to the silhouette of the models. The rune symbols could be a lot cleaner, and the final model's polycount you posted could be a lot less if you did much of the detailing such as the lettering on the dice and the dragon tail-like handle in a normal map. I'm not sure what to call them, but the 'dips' you have in the handle could also be in the normal map.

With all that being said, for someone who has only 3D modeled for a year, your models look good and the topology is clean for the most part. My suggestion would be to work on your texturing to really make your models come to life rather than your modeling as you pretty much have that down. Another would be to do some more organic designs if you're interested. N-gons could be triangulated rather than triangulating the whole model, but try your best to keep quads.

Hope I was helpful. If you aren't sure of what I mean, let me know and I could highlight the areas I was trying to describe. :blush: