Please remove the "downloadable" icon from paid models, make a new icon and tag for those

(Tapejara22) #1

It’s very annoying to be searching for models to download for personal use now that so many of them aren’t free. You inevitably will open 9/10 models from your search to find they cost money.

Models that cost money should not be showing up under the downloadable filter, and should not have the downloadable icon on their image.

Please make a new icon and search tag for models that cost money, this let’s us hobbyists know the model isn’t free and prevents us wasting our time, and it lets small studios looking for models they can actually purchase and use for commercial products avoid wasting their time going through models that are only intended for personal use.


This is planned! Sorry for the confusion.

But for what it’s worth, only about 6% of “downloadable” models are currently paid.

(Tapejara22) #3

Good to hear. When you do that, are you going to rework the download tag so it disappears from models when and if the author removes the link? Right now a lot of models labelled downloadable simply don’t have any download option.


Yes, we have a lot of changes coming up to improve search.

That specific case sounds like it might be a known issue where a model is technically set for sale, but the Seller’s PayPal account has not yet been connected correctly.

(Tapejara22) #5

I should have noted it when I first observed it, but I’ve been seeing it for many months. And some (perhaps all?) of these models show a number of times they were downloaded. Could that be the issue? That it keeps the icon and search tag if it has a history of downloads?


Store models should no longer appear in the free download filter, regardless if they were downloaded a number of times before they become Store models.