Please work with OneNote team for integration!

(Yiannis) #1

It would be amazing if we could integrate Sketchfab content in OneNote, and MS Office in general. i.e PowerPoint presentations with 3 D backgrounds, this could actually start an entirely new usage category for Sketchfab.



Thanks for the feedback! We would love to see that, too. At the moment, you can embed Sketchfab in presentations:


Hi again,

I have not been able to test it yet, as I can only seem to find 15.XX versions of OneNote available, but Sketchfab has been added as a supported media embed in OneNote!

(Space Name) #4

If you have a version that supports it, you paste the page link into oneNote. Then oneNote will add a viewer thumbnail, click to activate the viewer download.


(Yiannis) #5

That is awesome! :slight_smile: I love it!