Pls rate my First rough attempt at creature modeling

(Don42) #1

BTW i will simply quit this site if i see only one single comment with the word "nice" in it.

(Halon Keiser) #2

I think the separated limbs might make animations look weird. The limbs wouldn't be deforming the body in the same way. Although, for a cartoon style that might not be a big deal.
I can't do any better though, so take my comment with a grain of salt. :slight_smile:

(Vrhuman) #3

If this is your first attempt at creatures then there is no reason to hide! I think the way you used the annotations to analyse the model and write down the notes is awesome! Looking at your own artwork with a critical eye is the best way to improve and learn. Looking forward to more creatures from you.

(Don42) #4

this is pleasing and helpful :slight_smile:
Thank you and get prepared for gorgeous new models.

(Don42) #5

Caution text wall in the summary's v


I know that all limbs should be part of the geometry ; but i modeled it separately by purpose ; since it is meant for the Roblox Engine ;


The Roblox game development engine once only allowed placing simple primitive unconnected shapes in order to built a own game/map/virtual world out of those .


Years later they introduced a simple but yet effective primitive CSG modeling tool allowing even kids to make own 3d models ; yet still as many separated parts ; so any creature modeled in roblox is animated as a construct out of all limbs separated.


even some few years later they introduced custom external model importing support ; like Blender models with max 5k tris per mesh.


But they didnt planned on adding vertex deformation since ppl on roblox would then not be able to animate those meshes by the common old kid friendly way.


So and cause of the tri limit i need to separate all models for Roblox .