PNG Transparency Fails During Upload


(Tyson Gersh) #1

I’m building a replica of the boarding house from the 90s cartoon Hey Arnold in SketchUp.

I have flat 2d PNG files with some of the character on them. They look fine in SketchUp (and in the SketchUp viewer), but when I upload them to SketchFab, the background stop being transparent.

SketchUp Model:

Here’s the SketchFab version:

And here’s a screenshot of the two side by side to illustrate the problem

I’ve been messing around w the texture settings, but haven’t managed to do much other than turn them black and white.


(Tyson Gersh) #2

Nevermind, I figured it out based on another forum post. I just had to mirror these settings:

Personally held decent results using a single PNG image as my diffuse and transparency within Sketchfab.

PNG Texture

Transparency.png512x512 31.3 KB
Created a simple plane and added this png as it’s texture to uploaded here. Within the site’s 3D Settings I applied the same texture on both and achieved this result right away.

ss (2016-12-17 at 08.15.14).jpg858x823 102 KB
I used this method on my Vampire model & other than needing to change the Filtering for transparency to “Linear”, it worked as I wanted it to. If your workflow works with or is more efficient by saving out only one image that has the alpha built in then I may suggest to try it. I don’t know enough to know if there is a benefit to saving separate diffuse and transparency images.

Hope this helps and merry early Christmas Bertil.