Point clouds on Sketchfab, less points than original?

(Patrick ) #1

Here I have posted two images, the first one is from Agisoft Photoscan, and the second is the same thing inside Sketchfab:


If you look at the man on the lefts pants and shirt, it seems like there are less points in the Sketchfab version. It doesnt look as full as in Agisoft Photoscan. Why is this?

(Bart) #2

@abbyec you're an Agisoft pro :smile: Do you know what's happening here?

(Abby Crawford) #3

Huh. That is strange. Did you upload directly from PhotoScan, or did you export the point cloud and then manually upload it to Sketchfab? I wonder if it would make a difference if you tried doing the opposite of whatever you did.

Not having uploaded a point cloud to Sketchfab I have nothing to compare this to. :confused:

(Patrick ) #4

I exported the points as .ply, then I tried as .obj but got the same result. I have 3 point cloud models in total and all of them have the same problem.

I'll try uploading directly and see if there is a difference.

(Bart) #5

One idea that came to mind: Are you sure it's the actual number of points, and not the size at which they're drawn? Have you checked the stats on the model page?

(Patrick ) #6

I wanted to check the number of points on Sketchfab but I didn't see it listed. I'm still pretty new to this so I didn't understand how vertices related to number of points. In Photoscan, the point cloud has 3,795,745 points, on sketchfab, there are 1.5M vertices. Does this have any relation?

(Mrchlblng) #7

hey @patrick,

I took a look at your data and it seems that everything is fine on our side. The model displayed on sketchfab is from your PLY upload (the OBJ processed must have failed because there are no defined "primitives" so we must have fallbacked to the previously succesful processing silently).
The PLY header declares 1,439,292 vertices (note that there are 1,501,207 vertices declared in the OBJ upload).
That being said, our point cloud rendering is not great at the moment (you have no control of points 'thickness') and it feels to me that if you unzoom a bit, you kind of have the same rendering as in agisoft.

(Patrick ) #8

Thanks for checking that out @mrchlblng

I uploaded another point cloud made from color photos and it looks great on sketchfab. As you said, it looks like its the thickness of point clouds that is the difference. In my black and white point clouds it seems to be much more noticeable.