<pokemon> ROXIE'S GYM! (and herself)


(Voxarcana) #1

I've never noticed Sketchfab had a forum, wich I should have assumed because it's kinda obvious ANYWAY
this is my latest creation mwahaha

everything is mostly Maya and Substance Painter with a little bit of photoshop!
And I had a struggle with the Sketchfab illumination, I have lots of artificial light there Dx

(Dark Minaz) #2

although i only remember her looking like this

i gotta say good job, the speakers could use a bit work since they got some weird edges. maybe thats a texture
but the sage looks nice,
you might want to try out the new alpha blend transparency for your light cone and the fire
but i like it, in the end, especially the purple member of team rocket (koffin or something if i remember correctly) look really nice that painting

(Voxarcana) #3

oooh yeah the speakers, those crispy edges! I forgot to fix that texture in the hurry haha
I am glad you like it :smiley:

(theStoff) #4

Well done! Looks very nice. It's well staged and the models are overall looking good. I'd perhaps suggest some folds in the clothing around the elbows and waist to make it feel less stiff. I also noticed one foot isn't on the ground :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lord00120) #5

That's just because she's too buy ROCKING OUT! :wink: