Pokemon the first movie

(Aangus) #1

I will do my very best to do this scene


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Aw, this will be sad. Can't wait to see it, though.


I'm so excited for this one!

But also

(Aangus) #4

Due to my limited time i only have the model of picachu and half squirtle .

(Halon Keiser) #5

I haven't seen the movie, what exactly is happening?

(Aangus) #6

Ash, the protagonist, got petrified and those particle of light are the tear of the pokemons, after that he return to his normal body.

(Aangus) #7

more pokemon model.

Its going to take some time to finish all of them, in the scene there are 25 pokemons. Maybe i will cut some of them.

(Aangus) #8

testing particle animation