Policies on adult art - Nudity and such


(Alvekatt) #1

I can't find the rules about adult content. Do you allow adult art?

The way other sites usually work is that have a account settings to filter out such content for those who want it. Deviant art makes sure you don't forget to mark something adult by always having it be checked by default when uploading, you un-check it if it isn't adult.

But for now I wonder, is it okay to upload tasteful nudity?

(Bart) #2

Hi @alvekatt,

good question! In our Terms and Conditions you'll find the following paragraph:

You agree that you will not use the Services to:


Transmit any material or content that is pornographic, obscene, improper, offensive, threatening, harassing, libelous, hate-oriented, harmful, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, shocking, inappropriate for families, illegal, or otherwise objectionable;

The way we interpret this is that it's fine to post artistic nudity, but we draw a line at work that's clearly pornographic or too erotic. If we get any complaints about such models we'll contact the author and make their models private.

As you say, this is a stop-gap measure until we get some kind of 'not safe for work' filter on the site.

Does that answer your question?

(Alvekatt) #3


Thank you very much!

(Timeless3d) #4

I was thinking about this too, because It's interesting to note that an artful nude in 3D could easily become pornographic just by changing the viewing angle.

(Bart) #5

Not sure if zooming in on anatomy would make an artful model suddenly pornographic, but if things become too explicit we'll ask the artists to label their work as NSFW. We're considering a 'report this model' option too in case someone forgets to properly label their work.

(Noodlecake) #6

That's a shame! I was planning to learn to model characters with some latex clad chibis. Are there any sites like sketchfab that do allow more adult content?

(Bart) #7

As long as they're clothed I don't think there would be a problem.

(Noodlecake) #8

Okay. Cool! Thanks :slight_smile:

(Lextor) #9

Are you considering implementing a different system? Please, hear me out.

I'm 24 and I have a 10 year old brother, whom I'm trying to get into the world of 3D. So naturally, I opened Sketchfab (as a guest, not a user) to show him some cool mech/architecture designs and scrolling past exaggerated erotic sculptures left me feeling uncomfortable. It's not even a matter of "contaminating" his young mind, because since the dawn of time young boys found ways to get to adult content, but why can't it be displayed only to adult users? Why does it have to be so easily accessible? My problem is that my parents might see what my brother browses, and they'll think I granted him access to a pornographic site, instead of a place of education and inspiration.

And about your interpretation of artistic nudity - let's not fool ourselves, this place is a haven for neckbeards sculpting their erotic fantasies. I've had years of lectures on history of art, I've been to many galleries and I've seen examples of artistic nudities, there is some of it on Sketchfab, but maybe in a proportion of 1 to 10, so maybe we shouldn't treat the purely pornographic depictions as exceptions, but rather the other way around.

I really wish you would implement something to tone down the boobs for guests and young users on your website, because other than that, I think it 's great.

(Alvekatt) #10

I like myself some adult art.

But every other art site I have used hides adult art unless you have and account and have opted in to see it.

So I hope Sketchfab will cater both to people like Lextor and people like me in the future and implement this here too.

(Dark Minaz) #11

@alvekatt there is a planed update that will feature such a button that probably can be turned off.

As i personally like some of the nicer done sculpts (especially Anatomy including details) or just "sexy" models. And don't really have an issue with any form of pixel nudity.
But for a few viewers, especially kids and companies it is best to have an option.

edit: i wouldn't create a "kid" user, but rather have it off by default. If someone wants to he can always find that kind of content on million homepages.

(Bart) #12


as @dark_minaz mentioned, this is exactly what we're currently working on - by default 'adult' content will be hidden and users can choose to disable that filter. We're really close to releasing it!

(Lextor) #13

I'm really looking forward to it! The first thing I'll do then is to reintroduce my little brother to your website. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

(Nebulousflynn) #14

Feels like we are really talking about sexually explicit images of women here as they are the almost exclusive component of 'NSFW' content?

I welcome the filter - and agree that ppl who want to view NSFW content should be able to if they want - but does it rely on ppl flagging their own work? or community moderation? Sketchfab staff?

I'm seeing a lot of bogus models ending up in 'Cultural Heritage' category that have clearly been mis-categorised - either by accident cos ppl don't understand thev categories or on purpose in the hope of getting more views/DLs/favs.

I am pretty certain most museums, example, wouldn't want a culturally sensitive scan popping up in a category search next to something XXX. That would be a bad news story for them AND Sketchfab.

So a filter is great, but how does it work?

(Bart) #15

Him @nebulousflynn,

we will require artists to properly label their work as Adult, and will be actively moderating this content too. In addition, anyone can use the new 'abuse' reporting to let us know if a model hasn't been labeled.

The system will work like Google's 'safe search' - by default all Adult content will be blocked and people need to opt in to see this content. This would pretty much rule out accidental confrontations during classes etc. We're not adding a new 'Adult' category/gallery.

Of course, once you opt in to Adult content and you perform a search, both adult and non-adult content will be displayed in a mixed manner, there's just no way to avoid this.

Does this address your concerns?

(Britishmuseum) #16

Bart, can we can get a very clear definition of what falls under adult content please? I can then keep our ethics and legal people informed. Will it remain under this clause, or is that likely to change? https://forum.sketchfab.com/t/policies-on-adult-art-nudity-and-such/6660/2

(Bart) #17

Hi Dan,

we're in the middle of updating our Terms and Conditions, more news will follow soon. I'll let you know as soon as I can.

(Alvekatt) #18

I just realized you use the word "obscene" in the terms and conditions you quoted here. I hope you are considering removing that for more precise language, it's one of those words that mean very, very different things depending on who you ask.

(Bart) #19

Agreed, we just had the same conversation with our legal council :slight_smile:

(Omari McCord) #20

I never truly considered this.
I defiantly will take note of this and respect the line that is agreed upon. There is appropriate and inappropriate when it comes to the youth that want to visit this site.

Should we # tag racy uploads as NSFW or put them in the collection?