Policing Licenses

Hello, my name is Victor, and I am new to the forums.

There’s a subject I would like to discuss: 3d models and licenses. There’s an awful amount of models that have a CC Attribution license. Still, they either belong to a videogame, were done based on an artist’s concept art, or contains an element that would put them and whoever downloaded the asset in trouble (legally) if they use them for commercial purposes.

I have contacted several artists about the licenses of certain assets. Some of them were not aware of the license they attributed to their assets; most of them lack a description or the description they have is not clear. This concerns me because I buy and use free assets to make illustrations I will eventually use in an rpg book I am making (like this one I did with a halfling 3d model I purchased in Sketchfab: https://snipboard.io/axR8Hv.jpg) and I don’t want to be in constant fear of using a model with a CCA license that unbeknownst to me contains the IP of someone else.

I will continue to contact artists of 3d models I am not sure that they have the right license, but some of them are more than four years old, and I am uncertain if they will ever reply.

Is there something Sketchfab or the community would/ is willing to do about reviewing assets and their licenses?