Polygon count VS Quads count

Hi all, i was browsing models on sketchfab and I found this model of a set of chairs:

on the right description panel under geometry the count says:
Triangles 300
Quads 5.7k
Polygons 140
Total triangles 12.4k

I don’t understand why if the polygons are 140 the Quads are 5.700?
What I’m missing?
The inspector shows the wireframe topology and the number of polygons seams to be 140 (for every chair)
So I don’t understand where the 5.7K quads come from.
Can someone help me plese?

If you take a closer look, some faces have more than four edges, like the screws. Quads just means that this polygon has four edges

hi @TheLastAirblender , cheers for the answer.
I guess that the 5.7 k Quads should be divided by the 5 chairs, so each chair has a count of roughly 1150 quads which make more sense in term of numbers… Do you think my calculations are right?

Those numbers are differing types of geometry in the scene and not alternate wording of the same figures - hence why there is a Total at the end. So the upload has 300 original triangles, 5700 quads and 140 Polygons (I’m assuming this is for shapes with more than 4 sides).

Each of the chairs should be 2480 Triangles (12400 / 5)