Polypaint Texture Blurry


I’ve noticed in my recent uploaded model that the texture compression is really bad. My Polypainting skills are not the best, but they’re using 2K textures, and I used the ZBrush plugin for Sketchfab. I did try playing with some of the settings, but the results are always the same once it’s uploaded here - they’re all blurry and smudged. Is there anything more I can adjust via the plugin or the 3D settings here to get them to display correctly?


Since its poly painted, are you using high ress mesh?
Have you tried turning on sharpening in the editor?
Could you show us some examples of the problem?

I’d say it’s mid-range…? I had to lower the subdivision level slightly for optimisation reasons, but it’s sitting around 400K+ triangles and 200K+ vertices. Is that Sharpening in the Post Processing Filters…? That hasn’t made any difference, sadly.

The main problem is with the eyelashes, eyebrows and the scar on the cheek.

Since its a small detail and you are using poly paint, I suspect its just not enouth triangles on the eyelashes and eyebrows

Yes, You must add some traingles, and maybe change a resolution of texture ?

Is 2K really not enough? I’ll try a higher-poly mesh and increase the texture resolution then.

If its a texture. 2k is fine, but it all depends on the uvw. If the small details gets a tiny bit of all of the 2k texture, it doesnt do it any good.

If its vertex colors, it depends on the triangle count

This is also the reason a lot of models use a mesh for eyebrows and eyelashes. Not mentioning animation

I’ve tried re-exporting the model at a higher subdivision, but it’s still loaded it at the same amount of triangles and vertices as before.

Sounds like exporter settings are incorrect. Are you using a plugin?
Can you try exporting and reuploading the model to Sketchfab manually? See if that does anything.
You can always share your model and I can give it a closer look at home

The Sketchfab plugin, yeah. I’ll try manually adding it.

EDIT: Unfortunately, based on my plan, I’m only allowed to upload a total of 100Mb. All my SubTools combined, or individually comes to about 170-180Mb.

OK. So I found your model on Sketchfab and I can now see what is exactly the problem.

First of all, you didn’t see a new mesh with more triangles because it would not upload it to Sketchfab. It’s because of the limits you have of 100Mb (just like you mentioned it).
Now, the second problem is: you are using vertex painting, and your mesh is very low poly for this small details. Especially around the area you are trying to draw eyelashes and scar. Keep in mind, 1 vertex = 1 color information. So the more vertices you add the better it will look.

The solution could be: Add more triangles only around the area where you paint small details or bake a texture map.

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Ahh, okay. I’m a bit confused with how I’d add more triangles. That would be by sculpting more around those areas, right? Subdividing? But surely Sketchfab would still limit the size of the model and the amount of vertices/triangles…?
As for the textures: I think I have baked them before. I did it via the plugin. It also keeps adding Normal and Occulsion maps, which I think made them go weird. Or do you just mean making a texture from the Polypaint? Because that’s what the model’s using.

Google is your best friend on how to bake color, normal and etc maps.
Also with how to add triangles in specific part of the model. I would recommend watching some tutorials.



Sketchfab doesnt limit the triangles, only the file size. And 100mb should be more than enough.

I haven’t fully looked into this yet I’m afraid, but to my understanding, I’ve already baked the texture…? I UV unwrapped the SubTools in ZBrush and then made a texture from the Polypaint. Or is my understanding of baking textures completely off…? In the project’s settings on Sketchfab, the textures are all assigned to the right parts.

From what I can see, you are not using any texture maps

They’re not texture maps…? Then everything I thought I knew was a lie. :anguished:

Oh right, you do have a texture. I made a mistake and I missed it because first thing I saw was this :exploding_head:

Hmmm… I don’t even know what it could be. I am a bit lost. Your texture size is OKish, but :thinking:
It could be something in the setting of ZBrush baking. But I don’t know much about ZBrush baking
I would probably go higher with texture size, like 4k or 8k.
Industry usually has 4k for a body part.
You can also give more texture space for the head itself, but the texture resolution will mismatch.

I would say, this is the main problem:

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Texel density…? Can’t believe that didn’t even cross my mind. I guess I’ll have to take it into Max and do my own UV for it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: