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Polypaint to Sketchfab!


(Hvalle) #1

Hey all! I've been itching to upload some polypainted sketches to Sketchfab from Zbrush, but I haven't figured out the how. An admin told me at the link above (and since I have that model colored) that it was possible to do this because Sketchfab can read vertex coloring. However, How to do this after decimation? Is it a projection of sorts? anybody has tried it?

Cheers and thanks!

(Fongoose) #2

You are correct. It is projection of sorts. You can bake the poly paint to texture within zbrush. You will however need to retopologise and UV unwrap the model. Here's a cool video which helped me in the past.

(Hvalle) #3

See, that's the thing, I can do all of those but it's not what I've seen here from zbrush, since I've seen plenty decimated models, That method works perfect but I'm sure I'm looking for something else.

Thanks a lot!

(Unoquepasa) #4

hi, iam not sure is that you need.
In zbrush, preferences-decimation master-use and keep polypaint-
For a decimation of model with a polypaint. I export in obj to skechtfab some of mine moldes.
Hope i help you.

Un saludo.

(Martinp) #5

you need to export via 3d print hub. to ensure that polypaint is kept (it works with shapeways)