Ponyo on the cliff - "I'm back Sosuke!"


(Antoine Bassin) #1

Hi everyone,

I like poetry and emotions in Studio Ghibli's films, so I decided to take one of them as reference.
I reproduce my prefered scene from "Ponyo on the cliff", which is a pure moment of jubilation (for me, it is).
My aim was to depict the emotionnal side of this lovely time.

Firstly, I sculpted the character in zBrush.

Then, I retopology her in Maya, and bake the high poly with xNormal.
I made the texturing with Photoshop and came back to Maya to animate her.

I uploaded her in Sketchfab and fine tune textures to have a first overview.

Secondly, I made a animatic of the scene to get proportions of others elements and have an idea or how many fish instances I will need.

Then, I scultped the fish and do the same process as the character.

Thirdly, I search how to manage the water. I wanted a small piece, like a pedestal, to have a well proportionate model if we see it as a whole. So, moving waves wasn't an option.

The better solution was a simple joint rig. I created a seamless piece of water and transfert it to a cylinder.

Finally, I merge all meshes before I cleanly animate fishes.

The result is here :slight_smile:
Feedbacks are welcomes!

P.S.: I apologyze if my English is bad.
Moreover, I'm struggling with Chromium (which don't run sketchfab in my Oculus Rift) and Nightly (with lag a lot). I try to set VR settings but I'm not sure if it works well. Is there a way to set multiple points of view like in the Sketchfab desktop app ?


Welcome on board! I've just added one month of free Sketchfab PRO to your account. You will now be able to upload larger models, use more annotations and more - here's more information.

Also, don't forget to subscribe to the contest news thread and to read the Frequently Asked Questions!

To answer your question, you can only set one initial point of view for VR. Annotations can be used in VR, but you can not set the point of view per annotation. Annotation points of views are automatically at the moment.

This looks really great so far, she's so cute!

(Antoine Bassin) #3

Ok, thanks for your informations and feedback :slight_smile:

(Antoine Bassin) #4

I though I left Ponyo as she it, but yesterday, I wondered if I could make a more lively scene with rain.
Thus, I write a little script to generate one.

Knowing that VR must run quickly to create the feeling of presence, the main difficulty was to handle as few different meshes as possible. Indeed, to decrease the number of draw call, it is better to have one combined mesh of 1000 vertices than 100 meshes of 10 vertices. That's why I needed to make chunks of raindrops with movement variations.

I will upload the new scene asap.

(Antoine Bassin) #5

Done! I uploaded a new scene specially for designed for VR.
• rain added
• bigger water area
• few vertices for the water
• more dramatic/realistic lighting

As always, feedback are welcomes. More specially for the VR aspect :wink:
Is the point of view confortable ? Is the animation running smoothly enough ? ...