Portal to Argus

Recently read the Illidan book and it told of how illidan was able to attach a spell link between argus and the black temple.

So i will be making a scene where the broken have begun to de-demonify the black temple and return it back into the temple of karabor, but (sad days for akama) the demon hunters and allies have opened up the portal to argus to take the fight to the burning legion.

“We are going home.” - Velen


Sounds like a good idea, looking forward to seeing some sketches and research material.

Love the lore! Can’t wait to see where this goes!

hey all, got to work on this a little bit and went from something smallish to… well, a little out of hand XD just got in the zone and spaced out for a few hours and i was like… why am i doing this again?

so it went from ~


my plan is to have that middle temple area destroyed and having a demon portal smack dab in the middle of it, i looked up some building destroying scripts and etc but if anyone has any that they use, would love to know what you guys use!!

cheers guys


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