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Portfolio not working?

(Makerlounge) #1

Hi there,
anybody has the same problem with the portfolio page? Everytime I´ve get a 404 error. Or is the portfolio section kicked from sketchfab?


Hi there,

We're having an issue with case-sensitivity in usernames for the portfolio subdomains.

I've changed your username from "Makerlounge" to "makerlounge", so it's working now. I can change it back for you after our fix goes live.




The case-sensitivity issue should now be fixed.

Would you like me to change your username back to "Makerlounge"?

(Oliver Pollard) #4

Might as well piggy-back on this. My portfolio has been receiving the same error for the past month or so and I can't figure it out. Any chance mine is suffering from the same case sensitivity issue?


@oliver_pollard - The case-sensitivity issue is fixed, but periods and underscores break the subdomain ( )

Would you like me to change your username for you?

(Oliver Pollard) #6

That would be great, thanks.


Done! But you do need a Pro account to access the portfolio features.

(Mouldy Burrito) #8

Hi there, i'm also having portfolio issues, i'm assuming it's due to the "_" in my username.


Yep, I just changed it for you: