Possibility to scan a QR-Code/custom image with the Sketchfab App and open a 3D Model in AR

(Mliox20) #1

Is there already a way to connect a QR-Code or a customized image and associate it to a specific 3D model present on the sketchfab website, and therefore be able to view the model in AR?

This feature would really help consultation of 3D models for examples in magazines and catalogues, with the possibility to scan a QR-Code and view the associated 3D model in AR without opening any link and without assigning the horizontal surface (which would be the QR-Code or image itself).

(Mikegoodstadt) #2

Yes - for example with the original URL:

  1. Using any online QRcode maker e.g. goqr.me, the-qrcode-generator.com, etc.

    a)For iOS the standard CustomURLScheme seems to work:

    b) For Android, default app file association must be active:

  2. And scan with your mobil’s camera or a QR app to test…

Still trying to work out why the difference and how to harmonize the two methods
by trying to read through https://www.appcoda.com/working-url-schemes-ios/ :slight_smile:
Any clarification, suggestions or solutions are most welcome!

(Nixonanim) #3

Hi Mike,

trying to make this work in iOS:

I tried links like:
sketchfab://models/zoid-ar-6f8903b09e2142ed809d3ecddc0d8a50 - says the model doesn’t exist
sketchfab://3d-models/zoid-ar-6f8903b09e2142ed809d3ecddc0d8a50 - open the featured models gallery

It seems that the sketchfab team has changed the url for models to 3d-models, or maybe something else is wrong, can you elaborate?

(Nixonanim) #4

Sorry, i got it to work, you just have to get the url for the model from the embed code :slight_smile: