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Possible issue with previous 3d settings on a reuploaded model


(Briligg) #1

I have reuploaded most of my models a few times, and usually the SketchFab settings i adjusted before stay the same. The latest model i reuploaded, though, now loads way off to one side and the materials have all turned flat white.

I could adjust them in 3d settings to have the right colors, but i wonder if this is a sign of an issue in the model's associated data on the SketchFab side. Would it be better to delete the model and upload it fresh?

For the sake of seeing the difference, i'm going to upload it a second time under a different name. However, i'd like to know if there are things i should consider in future about how changes in a model can cause issues with the information SketchFab had associated with the previous version.


(Mrchlblng) #2

Hey @briligg,

I think that you've deleted your model (could you confirm this maybe?) so it'll be harder for us to provide a meaningful answer so I'll just add some details to

When you reupload a model, some settings, like camera and orientation, are not checked at all; we simply re-apply the previous settings as we assume they must be correct from the "expected" usage of the reupload feature.
However, if you scaled your scene, this will probably look completely wrong.

Regarding materials, we compare the previous "definition" of a material with the new one; if they fully match, we reapply the settings defined in the editor, otherwise, we use the new (reuploaded) one. The matching is based on material names. If you change your material name, we'll not reapply your previous material.
To still give you some latitude, we do not compare textures by names but by a pixel signature. Thus if you simply rename a texture, we should detect it and keep what you've set in the previous settings. Changing the texture format will give a signature mismatch and we'll not reapply the previous material settings.

We'll probably give more control to the users in the reupload command e.g. by allowing to revert to the previous upload or selecting manually which settings should be preserved or overriden.
However things like this would require a not so simple UX so we're still thinking about the best workflow for this. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback on how you'd like the feature to work for you.