Possible remove 'Viewer Mode' and 'Rendering Options'

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Hi I'm trying to embed a 3D object on a website I am building in wordpress for my clients product but I don't want to display the Viewer Mode and Rendering Options - is it possible to remove these?



(Moroplogo) #2

@jheg Actually, Sketchfab allows you to hide options only for customers who have subscribed the buisness accounts .You can read this page : https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/203497057-Business

(Jheg) #3

Thanks. Unfortunately we only need it for a one time application with one object so whilst a one time payment for a single licence would be considered it wouldn't be financially viable to have a subscription for this.

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@timeless3d our very light branding is the only way for us to keep a free or cheap service, just like youtube does. So please don't do tricks like this and play fair :smile: (Our Terms & Conditions include a statement about service modification too, in case you want to know more)


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Sorry, I didn't realize it was important.:relaxed: I'm going the get the business account as soon as my site goes live, but I'll delete my comment if that trick goes against the company.

I think there are many people who would be willing to pay for a clean frame, but don't see $30/month as a viable option. It would be great to have a artist/non-commercial license as an option. Or a single payment/per model option.

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Thanks! I'll pass on the suggestion.