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Possible to self host sketchfab with no external calls?

(Gid Pdx) #1

I would like to use sketchfab for a client, but they require the ability to take what ever viewer I use and self host it on their site with no external calls.

So basically it all lives on their servers, models, sketchfab etc. Is this possible with a biz account? I'm just the lowly artist setting up the artwork and making sure it looks good so I don't pretend to know much other than that and am parroting what the client said. :wink:

I can do it with playcanvas, but I don't like their engine as it doesn't look very good and is harder for knuckle dragger to use IMHO. I'd much prefer to use sketchfab so hopefully this is possible.


At the moment we don't license the viewer technology for others to host and all models must be uploaded, processed and hosted on Sketchfab servers.

While anything is possible in the future, a feature like this is not currently on our roadmap.

Sorry for the inconvenience.