Post 3D scan profiles you think people should know about!

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Sometimes I come across a profile on Sketchfab that I am surprised does not have more followers, let's give people doing great work a boost!

  • post 3D scan profiles that you think people might like to follow / you think are underrated.

  • accounts that have less than 100 followers at the time you post it.

  • not really a discussion thread - just post a profile link and the forum code will automatically make it a link + description.

  • check the pofile as not been shared before by doing a quick 'find in page' bowser search fo the profile name

For more in depth tips and discussion about 3D scanning check out the other posts in the Cultural Heritage Group here on the forum

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will be better if you add some description why you think this profiles are interesting.

For example, why you think 3D scan service profile is more interesting than other hundreds profiles on sketchfab.

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feel free to add contributions with descriptions if you like @ssh4

I just wanted a quick and simple way to share 'young' 3D scan profiles with the forum community - e.g. I liked's scans... so I shared them :slight_smile:

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Add new "3D scanning and photogrammetry" group in forum
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Nice one @abbyec, I was about to suggest Stephane Alvarez!