Post-Processing and Material Presets

(Mauricesvay) #22

Having presets in the editor is on our roadmap. The extension is a way to experiment with it until we build it for real.

(Arturbecker) #23

It seems to me that the script is still broken and the feature is not yet implemented is that correct?
It is tremendously relevant for my workflow as well jsyk (perhaps not so much for others)

(Shaderbytes) #24

Here is a version of presets script I use, thanks @x4fab . It has better functionality because it saves all the materials in one shot. It also became broken but I fixed it based on changes seen in James' and maurices' version :

(Arturbecker) #25

Ayy Shaderbytes thank you so much!
Works for me under Chrome (my Firefox rejects it for some reason)


@shaderbytes Maybe we should sync up sometime and create a master version to avoid confusion :confused:

(Shaderbytes) #27

Sure sounds like a plan :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #28

@james I went through your guys script again and updated this one.. only changes I saw really were the addition of the two new post effect filters : grain and DOF.

Let me know if I missed anything. This script is a fork of yours by user @x4fab. What he added/changed was that it stored preset locally , exported all at once and has a selection list for the presets stored locally etc..

(Shaderbytes) #29

@james @mauricesvay I changed the injected html for the presets so now it appears as all the other widgets :slight_smile:

The tool tip is working , but I notice the expansion and contraction is not working, so for now I just hard coded the "opened" and "active" classes onto it. I presume the click event is not delegated in this instance.. if you change it to a delegate it would work on the injected html. If you want to show me the current code handling these expansions in a PM I can try to help you change it to a delegate. Let me know.

I will work on the styling of the materials injected UI after this.

Here is how the presets looks now :


Looks great! Just to clarify - which fork is this in now?

(Shaderbytes) #31

Well Im not sure where @x4fab forked , but it was from you or maurice. check higher up in this thread , his fork was :

But it became outdated (and broken ) with all the changes on the sketchfab platform and he doesnt seem to be active on the forums. I have been using it for a long time and so when things broke , I asked Maurice about it and he was not willing to work on two versions but shared his code which fixed the things that broke. From That I took this fork and fixed it as well. ( although I didnt use the forking mechanics of github .. im not sure how to do that ) So I just created a new gist for it on my github. I also renamed the script to have a more meaningful name. SketchfabEditorUtility.js makes much more sense than user.js :slight_smile:

If you want to have it done some other way please let me know.

here is gist :


You could make a PR on /PadreZippo/post-processing-presets-sketchfab :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

(Mauricesvay) #33

@shaderbytes very nice. I agree that having all the updates available in James' repository would be great to avoid confusion.

(Shaderbytes) #34

Ok great I guess I need to learn how to use the forking and pull requests at some point :slight_smile: I will give it a go and report back

(Danielcane) #35

I can't work out how to apply / select a material from then list once it's created...... :-/
Any thoughts please...

(Shaderbytes) #36

Th tool currently saves all the materials in one shot. It will prompt you for a name for the preset when you are saving. To use a preset select that preset from the dropdown and click load.

(Danielcane) #37

Righto, I'll try that... Many thanks!!

(Xiuming Zhang) #38

Hi James,

Regarding "patching these values", would you mind sharing some thoughts on my this question?

Thanks in advance!

(T Dscenography) #39

Thank you, great work, awesome !!!