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POST /v3/me/backgrounds - Parameters

(Powerballtech) #1

In working through the backgrounds, ran across this question.

When evaluating the response from the GET /v3/me/backgrounds, see that there is a section for a custom name, and an array of images (with image sizes).!/models/get_v3_me_backgrounds

When posting, only parameter listed is the image file.!/models/post_v3_me_backgrounds

When creating background images, are we limited to a single image (and not being able to specify which image size), defining the name of the image background?

One side note about the GET as well, it only returns the 4 preset background, and does not return any previously uploaded files.

#2 only returning the 4 default backgrounds looks like a bug. We're investigating.

When uploading new backgrounds, the image name uses the file name. We automatically generate the multi-resolution versions, so I recommend uploading 1920x1080.