Powerboat Photogrammetry help

(Roflhat) #1


looking for a couple tips on re modelling my racing boat. It’s 4m long, I’ve got the free version of Zephyr so a max of 50 photos. I’ve tried indoors and outdoors with little success. The boat is all black which probably doesnt help. Indoors I used a tripod at different heights twice around the boat, outdoors just a decent selection.

Looking for some tips and advice for re modelling the boat, I seem to get the background well enough.


(Nebulousflynn) #2

hey @Roflhat -

When scanning something that has large areas of low detail with photogrammetry you really need to add markers as there is not enough detail info for the software to work with e.g.:

image credit: https://optotechnik.zeiss.com/en/products/3d-scanning/photogrammetry

I think Zephyr free supports markers but the Pro version detects them automatcally

You will also want to set the reconstruction bounding box to ONLY include the boat (or whatever you wish to reconstruct). This is prevent energy being wasted on calculating details you are not interested in like the background.

Hope that helps!

(Roflhat) #3

Ah that’s excellent thanks very much! I’ll see if I can get some of them printed

(Michal Zurawski) #4

Even if you print markers you can still struggle. What you can do is to take easily washable powder and cover the boat. There is many solutions to do that, check what will be easiest for you to find and use. You can start looking from grocery shops, through shops with toys for kids and end at automotive or decorating sector.

Markers will help to align cameras a bit but you can still have some noisy surface

(Axeonalias) #5

The Pontoons should easily work even with the matt surface as it is, either your software isnt doing its job ( Judging by how well it did things in the backround ) you might have to tweak your pointcloud settings, or you need to shoot full manual with your dslr or whatever you are using, I remember when I was doing these with my phone ( which did a fairly decent job ) the auto light balancing between shots messed with how the software recognised points between shots, and almost 50 out of 100 shots couldnt be used at all. Hope this helps!