Powerpoint 3D - Sketchfab's Intentions

(Keithg) #1

Just wondering if Sketchfab have any intentions on making their library available to Powerpoint 3D. I got to play with Powerpoint 3D the other day and it gives you 2 ways to import 3D models. From an online library of from file.

From file allows for fbxs or objs but no matter what I tried there seems no way to get the objects textures in so the model is just one colour. There are no real tools to add materials within Powerpoint.

Importing from an online library only supports Remix 3D at the moment which doesn't seem to import textures either.

It would be awesome if Sketchfab's library was available to Powerpoint 3D. Are you working with Microsoft?

(Bart) #2

If we were, we couldn't tell you :wink:

(Keithg) #3

That's good enough for me :slight_smile: