Preparing a scene in C4D for uploading

(Jiigga) #1

Hello there,
can anyone help me out to find the proper tutorial how to prepare a scene for uploading on Sketchfab?
I found a ton of lessons how to prepare a model, bake texture, but not a scene. In my scene, I have a lot of different objects, lights, deformers and mograph objects. I can’t just bake it in one step, right?
All done in cinema 4d.
Here is a render of it



We probably won’t be able to import lights or proprietary / 3rd party material libraries, but I’ve had success in the past using C4D’s “Bake object” features. I have no idea what a mograph object is :confused:

Can you share the file so I can take a closer look? Feel free to DM here on the forum or email if the model data is sensitive.