Private link Password Page disappears


(Ryanj) #1

I sent a link to my model which is set to private to a client. My contact opens the link and the page that requires a password shows up for a second, then disappears and the page is blank and unable to enter the password to view model.

Troubleshoot UPDATE: Sent link without password and page worked. But would like it to be private. Please help resolve this bug.

(Bathsheba) #2

I see this too, as of last night for private models if I’m logged in they load, but if not I get this image rather than the password request. I see this consistently in Chrome, Firefox, MSIE.
I have a customer report that she was able to load her model on her phone but not on any PC browser. This is not a good workaround though, please fix. Thanks!


Thanks for the report, we’ll get that fixed ASAP.

(Ryanj) #5

Thank you!



(Bathsheba) #7

Yup, I see it working. Thanks!