Private Messaging for Everyone Please!


(Yiannis) #1

It's difficult to believe that there is no private messaging for all users. I understand this may not be the primary focus of the product, but it is definitely something rather essential.

i.e. I love someone's work and want to contact them in person without posting under their work and publically revealing my email to the rest of the community. Sharing emails out in public places is never good.

(Sourdays) #2

You have to +follow the person, then a contact button will appear in their profile. In the forum it appears when you press the avatar of the person.

You can also go to your message box and start a new message and add the person name that you want to send to.


The Contact button on (main website) profiles is only available to Pro and Biz users at the moment, but we are considering opening it up to all users in the future.

You can also @mention users in comments or find them on the forum.