Private not private

(Ricks) #1

How do I hide my other models and your recommended models when I send a private link to somebody.
I want to show strictly the one drawing I mean to show, not files I'm using for practice or somebody's
naked robot fantasy figure.

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi ricks,

For suggested models you need a business account to do that:
Not sure how to hide your own models though.

(Pierre-Antoine) #3

@ricks At the moment you can't hide your own models.
Thanks for the feedback, we'll consider this for future improvements.


(Ricks) #4

Adding the embed tag seems to help.

(Stepcia) #5

had the same exact issue here. I can't show sketchfab in the office because too many naked robot model appear as suggested model. I have asked about this issue a couple weeks ago and it seems your solution is asking us to join your business account so we can hide nude model? I'm sure it came with other perks such as large file format and etc...

It seems just seems silly and btw why is nude model a suggested model among thousands of incredible stuff you guys have in the library?

(Digital Creation) #6

Just joined and not delighted by the prospect of naked robots appearing whilst presenting to my students.... hope SF can fix that issue.