Private Publishing

(Nuaire) #1

Afternoon all,

If I publish a public model, people who have liked my page will be notified. I know this bit.
If I make a model private initially and publish it, obviously no-one knows unless I give them the link. I know this bit too.

But, if I then make a previously private (and fully published) model ‘public’ do my followers THEN get notified? or “no” because it has already been published previously?

Thanks very much.

(Shaderbytes) #2

as far as I know , they wont be notified. I think the problem here is that while your intent might be singular and legit , such a mechanic would be open to abuse as people would be able to resend notifications of the same model over and over by just toggling private/public.


Followers will not be notified if you make an already-published, private, model public. Only publishing a model publicly will send notifications.

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Good point!

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Thanks James.