Pro Account Upkeep


(Cagri Taskin) #1

Oi from Istanbul,
We've upgraded our account to Pro by inviting our friends, it was about to be expired (14th June), I have invited another friend to join Sketchfab for another 3 months today.

  • My friend accepted the invitation but expiry date is still June 14th 2017 (probably will refresh soon).
  • Another option is to pay for the PRO but -to our knowledge- it can only be paid via PAYPAL, which is banned in our country.
  • We have our PRO model HOTEL embedded in TIME MAGAZINE (TIME - Oddviz - Photogrammetry), afraid to have a broken link for that hub.

We are not non-profit but we haven't profited a dime from our work yet.
I am a PhD student in Environmental Sciences, but not using the account directly for educational purposes.
We are working very hard for the community of Arts & Science in Istanbul Scene as Oddviz.

We've landed Sketchfab on Time from a galaxy far far away, inviting thousands to the platform. We are here to stay. Aren't we eligible for granted pro account for some more time?



Hmm, I'm not sure why the invite didn't count, but I just extended your Pro account, enjoy!

We hope to offer more payment methods in the future, but no ETA on that yet.

Even if you were downgraded, nothing would happen to your existing models or embeds :slight_smile:

(Cagri Taskin) #3

YAY! :grinning:
Long live PRO Account.
We appreciate it.

(Cagri Taskin) #4

Hey James,
We were downgraded and all our models larger than 50 mb are disabled now.
This includes many models that were embedded by important magazines such as Time, Verge, Colossal…

This is a big disappointment for us.