Pro EDU account went basic. Private models showing


(Benjamann) #1

Hi. I signed up through my school .edu account and created some private models. A few weeks later I realize I am being asked to "Go Pro" and my once private models are no longer private. Does anyone know why this happened? There is no contact info for Sketchfab admin.


(Bart) #2

Hi Ben,

sorry to hear that! I'm not sure why it would expire really, and also not why private models would become visible - they are supposed to remain private, even if a PRO membership expires. We'll look in to those issues.

I've restored your PRO account so you can set the relevant models to private again.

(Benjammann) #3

Hi Bart,

Thanks for the quick response and resolution of this issue. My PRO membership seems to be restored and I have set the models back to private.

Thanks again,