Pro sketchfab by inviting friends


(Noorulain Basir Arain) #1

Hello all,

So i got my pro badge by inviting my friends and students to sketchfab and since my one year period is up i again invited by friends this time it's a little tricky cause they have to complete their profile and confirm their account by email.

I haven't got my pro badge yet and i want it mainly because i want to upload models with more mb.

I was wondering if sketchfab allows pro badge status second time by the method of inviting friends.

And also i don't want pro badge at all i just want to upload my heavy models is there a way to do it.



I'm afraid you can only get one year of Pro through the referral program, sorry!

We do support uploading compressed ZIP/RAR/7z archives, which can save a lot of space.