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Problem about images | Need your help

(Style5000) #1

Good morning

I am new user of sketchfab. And i have a problem with image. When i upload my object i can't see photo. This is an example of my object on Cinema 4D.

And when i upload it to sketchfab this is the resultat:

OCK test by style5000 on Sketchfab

Please help me.

(Dark Minaz) #2

if you mean your sticker thing, it might be a uv problem.

(Simon Kratz) #3

Hi and welcome to the Sketchfab Community! :smile:
I think your unwrap is a bit off. How did you add the texture in Cinema 4D? Is it some kind of projection or is it based on real UV coordinates?

(Style5000) #4

Hi bro
i use a spherical projection.

I can send you my object to check it.

(Style5000) #5

I didn't understand you.
I can send you my 3d objet to check it out.

(Simon Kratz) #6

Oh I see. That makes sense. Imagine it like this:
Currently you're taking a texture and project it onto the surface, telling the texture how to project onto the object.
So the model doesn't store the information for the projection but instead the Texture Tag does.
For your work to look fine on Sketchfab you have to store the information for the protection inside the mesh and the process for this is called UV unwrapping. Imagine it like unfolding your model onto a 2D plane to apply a 2D image to it.

Here's a basic tutorial of how to do it in Cinema 4D:

Hope it helps digging into the matter and feel free to let us know if there are any other issues :smile:

(Style5000) #7

I can't apply UV Mapping to my object. I find a lot of diffucult. Please if possible i send you my object and tell me how to apply it. I spend all my day trying to apply UV mapping :cry: :cry: :cry:

(Simon Kratz) #8

I'm not an expert in C4D but sure, you can send the C4D file to me via PM and I'll take a quick look of what's wrong. Just zip it and add it to the message :smile:

(Simon Kratz) #9

Thx @style5000. I just worked a bit on your file and I came to a result pretty fast. It's still a bit stretched (and maybe flipped in X) but the results in Sketchfab and Cinema were identical.
Here's what I did:

1. Convert to editable mesh (otherwise UV mapping won't work)

2. Reset Texture tag parameters

Sry for my German UI :smile: Offset U, Offset V, Length U and Length V must be identical to what's in this image. Otherise those parameters will apply some deformation while you work on the uvs and you'll never see what you're actually doing in the viewport.

3. Work on the UVs
I never really unwrapped in Cinema 4D before. I used this tut here and it was actually all I needed :smile:

Here's the final result after 10 minutes of work.

It may be flipped and still has some stretching. And I could have added material IDs for Sketchfab to prevent it from tiling over and over :wink:
But it was just a test to help you get the same results in Sketchfab and C4D. If you follow these steps you shouldn't have a problem to get what you're looking for.
Good luck with the rest, hope it helped! :smile:

(Style5000) #10

Thank's for your help bro
Good luck :wink: